Air Series

Transparent LED display

Lightweight, easy to install and maintain, no need structure, save cost and increase effectiveness;

With the transparency of 20% to 80 %, making the glass wall screen into vivid video wall;

IP67 for the whole screen;

Increased a lot for adaptability to installation condition since maintenance in front or behind the screen optional;

Resistant to the bad environments such as low temperature, high temperature, and moist condition.

Unique EMC Design

Highter than normal EMC srander

Floating Structure Technology

HiMake the panel as possible. Whatever Cold, Warm and Drippy

Anti-flaming Design

We choose light metal as structure materials mask, silicon, all of them are anti-UV, anti-flaming and waterproof.

Wide Voltage Design

85V-260V, responding to use voltage range, overcome in unstable condition -s peak power with off0peak operation.


Quick installation

Foolproof design make operate and maintenance easier by professional after simple training


The thinnest part:12mm, the thickness of the display unit 70mm, and the overall thickness of the structure containing less than 120mm.

The utility model can be installed on the wall or directly installed on the glass curtain wall with a large area.

Super-light Structure Design

10KG per sqm, 5kg per module, minimize the weight of steel structure. Easily replace current commercial billboard. And directly install on outdoor glass surface building.

JDX product PK Traditional product







No transparency or low transparency rate Heavy structure


Transparency Design

Maximun 80% transparency, minimum 50% transparency. Low wind-resistance design. High Rate of Visual.

Universal Design

Only one standard screw, two parts and three steps to finish everything

Minimum Steel Structure Design

No need to build new structure

Front Installation, Pioneer Design

Pioneer design, totally front installation, including all the frame structure and display unit and all other links

Low wind resistance design , polar module design , diversified weather detection


Natural convection andheat dissipation

360-degree waterproofdesign, IP67

No electrolytic capacitor and short lift-span units in display; Log-lift span design


Green Energy Design

High efficiency LED, high-efficiency driving IC, high-efficiency power supply( PFC). For example P15 6000nits, average energy consumption only 120W/sq

No air conditioning, saving more than 20% of electricity than traditional screen
Product modelAir 7.8-12Air 8.3-12Air 7.8-15Air 12-12Air 15-15Air 15-31
Horizontal spacing(mm)/vertical spacing(mm)12.5mm /7.8125mm12.5mm/8.33mm15.625mm/7.8125mm12.5mm/12.5mm15.625mm/15.625mm31.25mm/15.625mm
Pixel compositionSMD 2727SMD 2727SMD 2727SMD 2727SMD 2727SMD 2727
Resolution( dot/㎡)1024096008192640040962048
Unit cabinet size(mm)500(W) x 1000(H)
Unit cabinet dots512048004096320020481024
Pixel per Unit(dots)40(W)x128(H)40(W)x120(H)32(W)x128(H)40(W)x80(H)32(W)x64(H)16(W)x64(H)
Color Grayscale (Bit)141414141414
Color temperature (K)6500-93006500-93006500-93006500-93006500-93006500-9300
(Brightness adjust)0-2550-2550-2550-2550-2550-255
viewing angle(°)≥120°
The best viewing distance(M)10-20010-30010-30010-30015-30015-300
Max Consumption(W/㎡)700650650600450350
Average power consumption (W/㎡)210195195180135105
Unit cabinet Weight (kg/pcs)
Cabinet   Weight (kg/㎡)201918171613
Frame   Weight (kg/㎡)888888
Unit cabinet  thickness (cm)
Drive modeConstant current,static
Power supply voltageAC 85-250 V
Life span≥100000 hours
Cooling waystructure-enhanced,natural convection
IP Rating (Front and Rear)Double-side IP67
Operating Temperature(℃)-35 ~+80°C

Testing and aging


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