Pico-panel series-A

HD led display

Seamless Splicing, Super Wide Viewing Angle, Highly Accurate Brightness & Color Consistency

  • It delivers an image that is super subtle and without getting tired after a longtime watchin.
  • Super High Refresh Rate, High Frame Frequency, No Ghosting & Twisting or Smear.
  • Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Saving Time & Spac.
  • 16 Bit Grey Grade Processing, the color transition will be more natural.

Slim and thin design

single cabinet weight only 10kg, adopts fashionable die-casting aluminum frame design.


Pico panel series

Pixel pitch:PH0.9mm/PH1.25mm/PH1.44mm/PH1.56mm/PH1.87mm/PH2.5mm

Premium seamless HD video wall No granular sense at the short viewing distance
Optimal substitute for LCD wall, DLP and LCD display All-new display terminal for conference, command, deployment, monitoring and presentation.

Easy front-access maintenance

Module structure easy to realize front-access maintenance, an installation by fixing magnets, easy and convenient dismantling of modules without the use of tools (only needs the 30s), the unique protective structure which protects modules from damaging




Wireless connection

There are no power or data cables for modules and cabinet.

Plug-and-Play design for the module data and power input, no extra DC power cable, and ribbon cable.

Saving you much manual trouble work.


Golden ratio, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness

16:9  2K 4K 8K

Designed according to ergonomics, 16:9 screen ratio, 2K 4K 8K large screens easily realized, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness, perfect viewing experience.


contrast stitching


LCD stitching is obvious, affecting the viewing effect

Small pitch stitching perfect, good consistency

DLP stitching is obvious, color is inconsistent

Ultra-fast response speed = smoother


160° Super Wide Viewing Angle = More Considerable


Vertical and horizontal 160 °, so that viewers can obtain high-quality display at all angles, color does not distort.

Dual backup technology = More Worry-free

Using dual control card, and each control module automatically detects the integrity of the two input signals. When a signal breaks, the backup signal is automatically accessed from the other path, achieving signal integrity and ensuring normal use of the entire screen.


Ultra high refresh rate = more stable

The refresh rate is up to 3840Hz, the picture is stable, no ripples, no black screen, clear edges, good dynamic expression, eliminate ghosting, restore the image information accurately and realistically, make the video picture smooth and smooth, and bring the greatest visual enjoyment.

Natural heat dissipation = No Noise

Die-cast aluminum cabinet, fanless and silent design, natural heat dissipation, no noise, more suitable for indoor applications.

JDX uses high-heat-dissipation panel processing technology for fast heat dissipation, making sure for longer life span

pixel pitch0.931.251.441.561.875
module size(mm)200X168.75200X168.75200X168.75200X168.75200X168.75
cabinet size600(W)X337.5(H)x80(D)600(W)X337.5(H)x80(D)600(W)X337.5(H)x80(D)600(W)X337.5(H)x80(D)600(W)X337.5(H)x80(D)
cabinet area(M2)0.20250.20250.20250.20250.2025
cabinet weight(kg)
cabinet flatness(mm)<0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1
Color Temperature (K) )≥12000≥12000≥12000≥12000≥12000
Viewing Angle160/160160/160160/160160/160160/160
Peak power consumption (W / m2)800800800800800
Average power consumption (W / m2)250250250250250
Drive modeConstant drive,1/30Constant drive,1/27Constant drive,1/30Constant drive,1/27Constant drive,1/30
Refresh rate (Hz) )≥3840≥3840≥3840≥3840≥3840
Number of color processing bits16bit16bit16bit16bit16bit
Video playback capabilities2KHD,4KHD2KHD,4KHD2KHD,4KHD2KHD,4KHD2KHD,4KHD
Operating temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)-20 – 60 / 10%-85%RH-20 – 60 / 10%-85%RH-20 – 60 / 10%-85%RH-20 – 60 / 10%-85%RH-20 – 60 / 10%-85%RH



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