RL series-A

RL series

Front maintain

Two options of LED: SMD and DIP

High brightness, high refresh rate, high grey scale, adjustable softy ware

Wide view angle, lower power consumption, reliable performance; DC fans help to release heat; separate switch, easy for maintenance.

Applied to stadiums, commercial plazas, Railway station squares, Airports, Streets, Metros, Exhibition halls, etc. Even anywhere you desire to show your ads.

RL Series is the upgraded the version of our outdoor fixed led display.

Two options of LED: SMD and

High brightness, high refresh rate, high greyscale, adjustable softy ware; Wide view angle, lower power consumption, reliable performance; DC fans help to release heat; separate switch, easy for maintenance.


RL Series has two cabinets options:
Cabinet: 960x960mm

Cabinet: 960x960mm
SMD: 8/10/16 pixel
DIP:10 pixel

Cabinet: 1200x900mm
SMD: 5/6 pixel


Cabinet: 960x960*161mm

  • P8/P10/P16
  • SMD, with three fans

Cabinet: 1200x900*161mm

  • P5/P6
  • SMD, with three fans

Feel protected in the water

The outdoor screens come with a waterproof module mask and IP65/54 and can be installed without protection covers. This series will cater to most outdoor applications due to its outstanding water resistance and safety performance.


RL series Naked installation, without cover

Traditional cabinet: Waterproof frame, AC for heat dissipation

Excellent design

  • Excellent design with concealed wires brings a better appearance.
  • Naked modules, narrow-necked style lock which has good heat dissipation.
  • Stainless fast lock makes the modules neat and beautiful which is easy for operation.


High brightness

High brightness outdoor led display ensures vivid and clear images quality
even in the bright sunlight and fits both day and night.

  • High Brightness reached to 6000-7000nits.
  • Lower power consumption. take L10DS as an example, it saves 25%
    power consumption than traditional cabinet, average power consumption
    is only 185W/㎡.

Front&Rear Dual maintenance

Save more space and labor. Easy and convenient maintenance can be achieved within one minute.


Maintain holes on module, fast install and dismantle

There are corresponding holes on the modules which connect the fast lock, it’s very convenient to use screwdriver lock or dismantle the module from front side.


Module magnet sheet, good for fast assembling


There are 4PCS magnets on module and frame which are helping for easy and fast assembling.

ModelRL 6.67RL 8RL 10
Pixel ConfigurationSMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Pixel Pitch(mm)6.67810
Panel Resolution(pixels)144x14484x8496 x 96
Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.)224771562510000
Cabinet Dimensions(LxWxH)/(mm)960x960x132 mm
Panel materialAluminum Cabinet
Cabinet weight(kg/panel)382829
LED lampNationstar
Color Grayscale(Bit)12-16 bit
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920HZ
Scan Mode1/5 scan/1/4 scan1/2 scan
Optimal Viewing Angle(°)160/140
AC Input Voltage(V)AC: 110V|220V±10%, 50/60 HZ
Maximum Power Consumption(W/m²)611722730
Average Power Consumption(W/m²)203240243
IP rating(Front/Rear)IP65



Wall mounting installation


The display can be installed close to the wall to save spaces, which can fit in multiple installation conditions.


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