Flexible led mesh

Ultra flexible|Creatiable: With the ability to create arches, circles, waves, or you can use the led strips along, etc;

Breakpoint transferring. Even one pixel fails, others following still works well

All weather|High protection: IP67, strong resistance of water, sunlight, UV, high temperature, low temperature, etc;

Simple design and installation: Fast set-up & removal, light-weight, easy to ship and maintain, it has never been so easy and can be handled by a single person.

Rental led screen

JDX makes easy the use of many different image video sources, and adapt to the creativity of the show, concerts, backgrounds of the stage. Either for a worldwide tour or for a broadcasting installation, we will deliver what you need

HD LED display

Incredible high resolution, ultra light-weight high contrast indoor LED screen; perfect for extremely close viewing environments. providing HD, 4K & 8K indoor LED display solutions to conferences, award ceremonies, and concerts.

Fixed installation

Fixed installation LED displays are designed for advertisement, indoor and outdoor available. JDX offers perimeter LED display and LED signage, also called led billboard solutions to the clients, with considerate design and good quality. You can see them in streets, along roadsides, even anywhere you desire to show your ads.

Transparent led screen

With light-weight aluminum LED design, our transparent screen creatively applied to building facade, retail stores, car showrooms and entertainment venues.


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