Custom octagonal transparent led display to Uzbekistan

Transparent LED display screen is not only used in building facades, glass windows, shopping malls, but also used in science and Technology museums. Science and Technology Museum is an important scene to spread scientific knowledge. Led transparent display screen can be customized in an octagonal shape. As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of science and technology through LED transparent screens.

Only simple steel frame structure, save a lot of cost: This product is light weight, easy to install, does not need complex support steel structure, can save a lot of installation cost.

Simple operation and strong controllability: it can not only connect with computer, graphics card and remote transceiver through network cable, but also change display content at any time through remote cluster wireless control.

  • Ultra high transparency, the permeability is more than 70%;
  • Front and side light-emitting technology, light strip can be disassembled independently;
  • Clear picture, high brightness, up to 5000nit;
  • Complete product models, indoor and outdoor customization, IP43 grade, waterproof and anti-collision
  • The dimensions can be customized to meet the needs of special projects

Transparent LED display screen is easier to realize the customization of the special-shaped screens, such as large glass curtain wall, special-shaped glass window and led transparent screen installed in sightseeing elevator. This is related to the installation mode of the transparent display screen. The installation mode of LED transparent display screen is basically behind the glass or in an open space, attached to the glass installation, using hoisting, floor installation, fixed in the glass rib installation, and other forms. But the size of the installed glass is not uniform, which requires that the size of the LED transparent screen should be designed according to the size of the installed glass. Because the current transparent screen is designed without a mask, it only needs to design the PCB board and the box when it is customized, which is one link less than the traditional LED electronic display. And can accept a variety of models and sizes of customization.


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