For some customers who have never touched the transparent led display,  the transparent led display will bring you a visual feast with a new display method, a thin and light design, and a high-end atmosphere of science and technology. In it is crystal clear, light, and gorgeous, there is a wealth of LED display product types and display methods, which fills the gap in the field of transparent LED display, and will also provide customers with more choices. Transparent LED display will follow the market economy With continuous development, which has been widely used in application fields such as urban
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Recently, in addition to Macroblock’s claim that the driver chip is out of stock, major domestic driver IC manufacturers have reported that the shortage of wafers affects normal supply. In fact, as early as the second half of last year, affected by the price increase of raw materials, the volume and price of LED driver chips also rose. Unexpectedly, this phenomenon has continued to this day, and it is still getting worse. Beginning on April 1, many companies said they would implement price increases, including fabs, material plants, and chip design plants. This adverse impact has also spread to the
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flexible led mesh
In recent years, with the expansion of market demand in the LED display industry, LED display products have shown a diversified development trend. As a rising star in the LED display industry, transparent LED screens are used in glass curtain walls, stage display, outdoor advertising, and new retail with their advantages such as light and thin, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability. The LED transparent screen has a rapid rise in a short period of time with a new application form, leading to the development of technology, and a design concept that is close to
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With the rapid economic growth and the improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more fields that need to use HD led video wall, such as the video advertising display in many shopping malls and the indoor large screen in many organization control centers. All businesses can be monitored by connecting one screen to the computer control center, which is more reflected in the traffic control center. HD led video wall is not only widely used in common applications, but also widely used in the security industry, such as video surveillance. It is because the market demand for
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1.Product of details:   Pixel Pitch: 56.25mm Protection level: waterproof IP65 Grey level: 12bit LEDs: Nationstar SMD3535 Full-Screen color: transparent Package: Wooden case 2. Spare Parts: Spare LED lamp: 15pcs Spare Receiving card: 1pcs Spare Power cable: 5meters Spare Network cables: 50meters Spare Plier: 1pcs 3.Key features: City beautification, Creative installation. 4.Mesh LED Screen Application: Mainly used in outdoor densely populated areas. In order to help our customers to install the mesh screen correctly and make it simple. Our engineers made a drawing of a connection diagram, as shown below.
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