174panels transpatent led display to Uzbekistan

Recently, the aging area, production workshop, and shipping area of JDX are busy. 174 pieces of transparent led display after aging will be shipped to Uzbekistan soon. Every detail from production to shipment is closely communicated with the customer by taking videos or photos to ensure the smooth completion of the project. The customer is impressed by this perfect service.

The transparency of transparent led display can reach 65% ~ 90%. The thickness of each LED strip is only 2mm, and the gap between the strips is horizontal to form a transparent effect. It is generally installed inside the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings, indoor installation of outdoor display, completely breaking the limitations of traditional LED display in the application of glass.

The transparent LED display is actually a kind of LED display, and it has a certain commonality with the conventional LED display. In terms of display technology, the transparent LED display is the same as the conventional display. It is different from the projection and rear projection display technology and can play dynamic video and images independently without using other tools such as projection. In terms of aspect, the transparent LED display adopts an aluminum profile cabinet and an ultra-thin PCB board, which can be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. From a distance, the basic structure of the bracket can not be seen, and the interior of the room can be seen through the glass; The transparent LED display combines with the structure principle of the louver, and the gap generated by the parallelization of the light bar is transparent, and does not affect indoor lighting, and can display dynamic advertisement information such as pictures and videos after lighting.

The application range of LED display screens is more and more extensive, and it can be seen in various occasions such as architectural glass curtain wall, brand chain store, commercial center, sky screen, and automobile 4S shops. 


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