11.34sqm P1.25mm indoor HD led video wall

With the rapid economic growth and the improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more fields that need to use HD led video wall, such as the video advertising display in many shopping malls and the indoor large screen in many organization control centers. All businesses can be monitored by connecting one screen to the computer control center, which is more reflected in the traffic control center. HD led video wall is not only widely used in common applications, but also widely used in the security industry, such as video surveillance. It is because the market demand for HD led video wall is relatively large, many people want to understand the HD led video wall

Recently, JDX P1.25mm led video wall helps the conference room to use the 16:9 600 * 337.5mm die-casting aluminum cabinet with the golden ratio, which can meet the requirements of non-compression point by point playback of the mainstream high-definition video source, conform to the visual proportion of the original picture, and have a better viewing experience. It adopts the double backup design of power supply and signal, which has the super stability of radio and television levels. Even if a group of circuits or signals fail, the standby power supply and the signal can also ensure the normal work of the screen;

In recent years, the growth rate of small space development in the industry is obvious to all. JDX has also ushered in the continuous updating of its products. The product series ranges from P0.9375 to P1.875, covering all fields and meeting more needs of customers. From 2020, the product is no longer a simple pixel spacing competition, but more is the upgrading of technology, visual effect, stability, maintainability, and other dimensions. At the same time, it is an all-around innovation and upgrading from technology, products to system services and solutions, and the concept of customer experience first runs through the whole process of product development.



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